Data Dish Podcast

Data Dish is ISTC’s podcast on all things science and technology in Illinois. The podcast compliments the Illinois Innovation Index, diving deeper into key topics with thought-leaders and practitioners from all corners of the state’s innovation ecosystem.

Episode 4: Beyond the Index with Mark Harris
December 19, 2018 | Download Episode

Episode 4 of the podcast goes in-depth on our recently released STEM Talent issue of the Illinois Innovation Index with Mark Harris, President & CEO of ISTC. We discuss trends in Illinois STEM talent pipeline, including the growth of computer and data science, and the need for greater diversity and employer engagement in Illinois.

Episode 3: Lori Andrews
November 14, 2018 | Download Episode

Episode 3 of the podcast features Prof. Lori Andrews from the Illinois Institute of Technology’s Chicago Kent College of Law. We chat about Prof. Andrews’ groundbreaking work at the intersection of law and technology, including her work in genetics and biotechnology, as well as with social networks and online privacy. 

Episode 2: Brandon Cox
November 6, 2018 | Download Episode

Episode 2 of the podcast features Prof. Brandon Cox from the Southern Illinois University School of Medicine. We discuss her research efforts in hearing loss and regeneration, SIU’s strength in hearing research, and how the field of hearing loss has evolved in recent years.

Episode 1: Edward Colgate
October 29, 2018 | Download Episode

On the inaugural episode of the Data Dish podcast, we sit down with Prof. Edward Colgate from Northwestern’s McCormick School of Engineering to discuss his research in robotics, his newest startup, and how university research has changed over the past 30 years.

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