Mentor Matching Engine

Mentor Matching Engine is an online collaboration tool that links students and mentors anytime, anywhere – providing direct communication and structure for tracking of mentoring relationships at scale.

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How it works

What does MME do?
The Mentor Matching Engine (MME) is an online collaboration tool that links students and mentors, providing the structure for direct communication and tracking of mentoring relationships at scale. MME reduces the transaction costs and geographic barriers associated with traditional mentoring, which is difficult to manage, track, scale, and sustain.  MME enhances the mentoring experience and facilitates deeper engagement through a discussion-based forum that can accommodate document sharing, video conferencing and multiple mentors/students/teachers.
What are the benefits?
MME is built around the idea of enhancing opportunities for students, while reducing barriers like time, distance, monitoring, scaling, and tracking.


For educators

For educators, MME serves as a way of not only broadening the walls of your classroom, it also provides an easy way to organize and keep up with your students’ projects. Teachers act as facilitators for their students to engage with field experts who serve as project mentors.


For students 

For students, having a mentor through MME enhances their educational experience – it removes any geographic barriers, or resource constraints that students may face in their school. Research shows that quality, skills-based mentorship is uniquely positioned to address the barriers to STEM access and achievement.  Mentorship has been shown to provide academic and emotional benefits for students – particularly at-risk youth


For companies, universities, and other program providers 

For companies, MME provides a way for your employees to mentor a students anytime, anywhere – alleviating constraints about adding an on-going commitment to already busy schedules.  MME also harnesses the skills and areas of expertise of mentors in a meaningful way.  By connecting students and mentors around their shared interests, their engagement is strengthened.

Who is a Mentor?
Mentors that use MME are working STEM professionals, university faculty and graduate students, and other field experts that want to give back and help shape the next generation of innovators.  Mentors commit to collaborating on a student project for up to one hour per week.  The duration of a project varies – but is typically at least 8 weeks to allow for ample collaborating between mentor and student.
Is it safe & secure?
MME prioritizes student privacy and safety.  Before being granted access to the platform, all mentors undergo a background check. This is integrated as part of their sign up process to use MME.  Additionally, students and mentors are prevented from having any private communication.  All communication is posted in the project for easy monitoring by teachers or company supervisors, and an email notification is sent each time a new post is made.