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6 weeks, 3 organizations, one high-impact program. This program is designed to build student capacity with relevant and real world skills. We recognize that preparing students for the future workforce requires an interdisciplinary approach and the 6×3 Project combines three different disciplines and workforce skills through the collaboration of powerful organizations in the Illinois STEM community.

“I learned a lot in such little time, with this I know that I can do anything as long as I put my mind to it. I liked meeting new people and worked on my communication skills.”

– Student Participant



The Bright Project

The summer of 2021 marked the inaugural year of The 6×3 Project program in which 20 pioneering students representing different communities, participated. It was designed to prepare students for the future workforce with an interdisciplinary approach combining industry, coding, and entrepreneurial business experiences.  Students learned tangible skills to produce viable products while exploring what they could be in the world.

Duajuan Bright joined the 6×3 Project to combine his love of coding with real world application and further refine his workforce skills. He was a gracious teammate, compassionate leader, and persistent innovator. Shortly after the program concluded he passed away unexpectedly and his absence was felt by his family, friends, and the communities in which he was a part of.

To honor his memory and his impact in the STEM ecosystem, we’ll be continuing this first iteration as “The Bright Project.” It serves as a reminder that every student can have an impact and pursue a future that brings them joy, just like Duajuan Bright. 

The ACT Project

In 2022 we welcomed the ACT Project to the 6×3 Project series along with 12 new students and new partnerships with Code Your Dreams and Baxter International. Co-Created by Joe Almeida, Chairman, President and CEO of Baxter International Inc., the ACT (Activating Change Today) Initiative was launched as a multidimensional and multiyear initiative to advance inclusion and racial justice within the workplace and within the communities Baxter serves. ISTC’s ACT Project, honors the work of Baxter leaders and employees through grassroots programming aimed at developing the next generation of innovators with an explicit lens on equity and justice. 


We received excellent feedback on our 2021 pilot year of the program with collaborators The Gray Matter Experience and Code Nation. Here is what our students had to say:

  • Overall, nearly all (85%+) participants reported that they gained skills and/or confidence in the set of skills that the program aimed to develop.
  • 100% of participants reported that they gained skills and/or confidence in collaboration, presentation, problem-solving, and implementing feedback.
  • Most (77%) participants reported that participating in the program increased their interest in pursuing a STEM field or STEM-related area in the future.
  • All participants would recommend the program to a friend or classmate.

“I loved how students had to practice their pitch throughout the project. I think that really helped improve communication and decision-making skills.”

– Mentor Participant



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