We pave the way for the next generation of innovators by connecting students to companies and developing a stronger, more inclusive talent pipeline in Illinois. Through our programs—STEM Challenges, Mentor Matching Engine, The 6 x 3 Project, and Teacher Externships—we’ve paired thousands of students and teachers from across the state with mentors from around the world.

Our Programs

STEM Challenges are real-world projects that create opportunities for high school students to work alongside STEM professionals as mentors. Students and mentors from STEM Challenge industry partners collaborate over the course of six months to explore, create, and build innovative solutions.



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The Mentor Matching Engine (MME) is an invitation-based web platform that connects Illinois high school students and their teachers to STEM professionals who serve as online mentors. By connecting mentors and students electronically, MME is able to offer high-quality mentoring experiences and overcome geographic barriers.



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6 weeks, 3 STEM opportunities, one impactful program. The 6×3 project recognizes that STEM does not  exist in a silo, and takes an interdisciplinary approach, combining 3 pillars of STEM. Whether that be math, design thinking, or marketing skills, students will leave the 6×3 project with a robust, real world end product and skills needed to be successful in the future workforce.


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Teacher Externships are a critical link between the context of industry and the content of a classroom. Teachers get the opportunity to experience and use the latest real-world applications of STEM disciplines to better inform their teaching practices and prepare students to enter the STEM talent pipeline after high school, creating lasting partnerships between workplaces and local schools.

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Program Impact

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