We pave the way for the next generation of innovators by connecting students to companies and developing a stronger, more inclusive talent pipeline in Illinois. Through our programs—STEM Challenges, Mentor Matching Engine, The 6 x 3 Project, and Teacher Externships—we’ve paired thousands of students and teachers from across the state with mentors from around the world.

After 10 years of impact, ISTC Education continues to take shape in response to participant needs. We have taken a critical look at programmatic elements and strategically built new structures for amplifying student voice and promoting trauma-informed practices. Our programs have taken on new life as a key instrument for promoting access points for students to experience the real world.

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Our Programs

STEM Challenges

STEM Challenges are real-world projects that create opportunities for high school students to work alongside STEM professionals as mentors. Students and mentors from STEM Challenge industry partners collaborate over the course of six months to explore, create, and build innovative solutions.

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Mentor Matching Engine

Mentor Matching Engine is an online collaboration platform and relationship management tool that connects companies with classrooms – linking students with mentors anytime, anywhere.

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Program Impact 2020-2021

See how our programs impacted Illinois’ students last year.

Being a STEM Challenge mentor gives me an opportunity to champion our future leaders. For me, the rewards of watching the students grow and interacting with these incredible young minds is well worth my small time commitment.


Jenny, Mentor

Takeda Pharmaceuticals