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Externships are a critical link between the context of industry and the content of a classroom. This experience will provide educators with relevant, real-world professional learning through an innovative collaboration. Externship programs create lasting partnerships between workplaces and local schools which as a result, give students real-world career information about career possibilities locally. Teachers need an opportunity to experience and use the latest real-world applications of STEM disciplines to better inform their teaching practices and prepare students to enter the STEM talent pipeline after high school.


The Teacher Externship program provides educators with relevant, real-world professional learning through an innovative partnership. Teachers connect with employees at the partner company and gain an opportunity to experience the latest real-world applications of STEM disciplines to better enhance their classroom practices.


Explore first hand the structure of corporate business, product development, and the flow of ideas within the 21st century workplace. Get a behind the scenes look at corporate collaboration.



Experience the application and importance of interpersonal skills. See them play out in the workplace and take back real examples to students.



Better understand the backgrounds, degrees, and experiences that have led employees to their current role. Take a deeper look at current positions and how your students can get there.

Teacher Testimonials

“In short, I think that having the externship experience gave me a clear look into the corporate world and it made me aware of the skills that are necessary to find success in the work world. With this knowledge I can easily relay and emphasize this information to my students by refining lessons that I have to foster these “corporate skills”. Also, as a teacher, I’m a life coach so it is very easy for me at the beginning of a class to take some time to talk about life and how to approach your future. I plan on sharing a lot of the information that I gained from my externship experience with my students.”

 “The main thing I will bring back to the classroom is an understanding of the corporate workspace. My knowledge of the corporate world was limited at best prior to this experience but now I do feel I have a better idea of what specific jobs, lifestyles, responsibilities, and skills people in the corporate world have. Too often, teachers speak to students of “the real world” but our understanding of that “real world” we talk about is missing – which is a problem. Most teachers have never held a corporate job and yet we are tasked with helping students decide the beginnings of a career path when we ourselves have only ever been in a high school and collegiate setting. This externship experience has been VERY valuable to me.”

“Biggest thing that stuck out to me career wise was when Matt said “Content vs context, what is it that you really enjoy? Do you enjoy chemistry knowledge or teaching of chemistry.” when finding out what career people should go into. The other big take away is that no one has a linear path into their career. You can be a math teacher and then a project manager. You might not know the auto industry, but be very good at it!”

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