Illinois Innovation Index

The Illinois Innovation Index is an information resource that provides timely analysis and insight on technology-based economic activity in Illinois.

The Index features innovation metrics, news, and statistical insight as an ongoing data archive tracking and benchmarking the state’s innovation economy. In its current state, the Index provides yearly insight into Illinois’ STEM talent production, R&D activity, and university-supported entrepreneurship.

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Latest Release:

2017 R&D Index

ISTC’s annual R&D Index benchmarks the Illinois’ performance against peer states, highlighting areas of strength and opportunities for growth. Our analysis uses several measurements to capture the inputs and outputs of R&D in the state. To capture the inputs of R&D, our analysis focuses on expenditures, which provide the most direct measurement of volume in the state. Outputs of R&D include both patents and academic articles. Together these measurements provide insight into R&D at Illinois’ universities, within the business community, and at the state’s federal labs while also presenting an overview of the state’s growth relative to peer states across the country.


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