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An integral part of ISTC’s mission is to track and benchmark Illinois’ performance around science, technology, and innovation. Our data publications include the Illinois Innovation Index, our monthly Catalyst newsletter, and other thematic reports.

Illinois Innovation Index

The Illinois Innovation Index is an information resource that provides timely analysis and insight on technology-based economic activity in Illinois. Featuring innovation metrics, news, and statistical insight, the Index is an ongoing data archive tracking and benchmarking the state’s innovation economy. In its current state, the Index provides yearly insight into Illinois’ STEM talent production, R&D activity, and university-supported entrepreneurship.


The Catalyst newsletter is a monthly publication that spotlights components of the state’s innovation ecosystem. Each month, we feature a column written by a leader from the tech community, highlight innovation news in Illinois, or offer perspective on current issues in the innovation community. Catalyst is the best way to stay up-to-date on all things science and technology in Illinois.


The ISTC also publishes reports on a variety of topics not covered by the Index or Catalyst. Reports include the Illinois Innovation Ecosystem deck, a living document detailing the various components of Illinois’ growing innovation community. Also included is the Illinois Science & Technology Roadmap, which highlights areas of potential R&D growth in the state.

Latest Release

The 2017 Talent Index highlights record growth of STEM and computer science degrees.

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Innovation Index

Tracking and benchmarking Illinois’ tech and innovation economy.

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ISTC’s monthly newsletter on all things science and technology in Illinois

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ISTC reports on a number of tech and innovation topics

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Resource Directory

Created by the ISTC in 2013 in partnership with the State of Illinois, the Illinois Innovation Network offers tools and resources in a searchable, interactive database intended to support entrepreneurs, spur innovation, and accelerate the growth of businesses and industries in the state. To date, there are more than 600 resources listed—including the state’s incubators, funding opportunities, research facilities, and more.

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Illinois Innovation Ecosystem

Discover the breadth of Illinois’ innovation assets and resources by taking a tour of the Illinois Innovation Ecosystem. This includes current information on universities & research, industry, capital, government, and Illinois’ infrastructure. The presentation also highlights the state’s clusters of innovation, including food & ag tech, clean tech, nanotechnology, IT, health sciences, web & mobile, computing, and advanced manufacturing. Download the deck here.

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