From robotic surgery to the use of nanotechnology in therapy, the pioneering Medical Innovation that is occurring in Illinois offers a promising pathway to drive enhanced quality of care, impact treatment costs and create jobs throughout the country.

As home to over 200 institutions of higher education and headquarters for many national and international pharmaceutical companies, Illinois is a primary source for advancing innovative medical treatments and technologies. According to Research! America, Illinois ranks second in economic activity per dollar of National Institutions of Health (NIH)funding at $2.43 per dollar of NIH funding. That equates to an estimated $1.85 billion of business activity and nearly 12,000 jobs.

Improving the quality of care for patients requires real-time information sharing between providers and consumers.  Health Information Technology has the potential to enhance access to patient records and provide a digital platform. The accelerated implementation of electronic health information will be accompanied by tremendous innovation and Illinois providers and consumers will drive the rate of change.

To learn more about the latest developments in Medical Innovation and Health Information Technology please read further in this edition of ISTC Catalyst.

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