Through the American Recovery and Reinvestment Act of 2009 (ARRA) more than $500 million in investment is flowing into Illinois for energy efficiency and optimization programs, including modest amounts for research and development.  These investments have helped to advance the Illinois economy through the development and deployment of energy saving strategies for energy consumers.

Illinois’ universities, national laboratories and businesses are hard at work ensuring that ARRA resources and the R&D funded through the legislation induce groundbreaking  techniques and products that optimize energy generation, distribution and consumption.  These advances in hardware, software and related technologies, coupled with new business models being developed by a new class of energy-focused entrepreneurs, are expected to translate to consumer management of energy and produce environmental benefits through increased energy efficiency.

Illinois-based companies and institutions are also drawing on federal and state funds to pilot cost-effective programs and policies that heighten business, industrial and consumer understanding of the benefits of hands-on energy management.

Comprehensive energy efficiency and optimization programs include numerous services, such as:

  • Energy audits and building assessments to examine energy usage and demand as well as to identify opportunities for improvement;
  • Passive initiatives that address no- and low-cost solutions such adjusting HVAC temperature set points and fine-tuning other industrial equipment;
  • Active initiatives that often replace out-dated equipment or install new, more energy efficient and technologically advanced devices; and
  • Monitoring of the upgrades, coupled with measurement and verification, to validate the savings and provide proof of the return on investment.

To learn more about the initiatives to enhance energy efficiency and optimization underway in Illinois, we encourage you to read further in this edition of ISTC Catalyst.

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