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Bootstrapping in America: Mark Harris discusses the latest Index report
Posted March 15, 2017 | Source:

Thank you to Kristi Ross and Tony Battista at TastyTrade for having us to discuss the latest issue of the Illinois Innovation Index.

Illinois universities see surge in startups
Posted March 13, 2017 | Source:

David Rabie, Mark Harris, Rebecca Sholiton and Ryan Shelton join Good Day Chicago to give us a firsthand look at why Illinois is a hotbed for startups.

University startups surge as Illinois students start more companies, land more funding
March 8, 2017 Source:

Despite a fall in recent venture capital activity on the national level, Illinois university startups have seen a rise in funding. That’s according to the annual Illinois Innovation Index report released Wednesday by the Illinois Science and Technology Coalition, primarily based on data self-reported by universities in the state.

Campus startup spinoff efforts paying off in Illinois; immigrants often lead the way
March 8, 2017 Source:

University efforts in Illinois to boost entrepreneurship and link big thinkers with seed cash and startup partners seem to be paying off. And immigrants are playing an outsize role in campus spinoffs. Those were two takeaways from the just-released Illinois Innovation Index, produced annually by the Illinois Science and Technology Coalition.

Illinois universities nearly double startups
March 8, 2017 Source:

Illinois universities are cranking out a lot more startups. There were 285 companies started last year by students, faculty or staff at Illinois schools last year, up from about 150 in each of the previous two years, according to a report by the Illinois Science & Technology Coalition. It’s an eye-popping figure. And it’s not clear how much the data reflect an explosion of startup output from universities and how much comes from better reporting.

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