The start of a new year (or a new decade) inspires organizations to reexamine their goals and discover new ways to achieve success. As these goals are often attained through collaborations, for this month’s ISTC Catalyst, we asked our leading research centers for examples of current collaborations that represent the breadth and depth of scientific explorations that thrive in Illinois. As you scroll down this page and click on the links that capture your interest, your appreciation for our state’s R&D expertise will expand and perhaps inspire new approaches for you to achieve success.

The editorial focus of our January ISTC Catalyst is aligned with our mission to:

  • Foster public-private partnerships to develop and execute R&D projects;
  • Advocate for funding for R&D initiatives; and
  • Collaborate with public and private partners to attract and retain R&D resources and talent in Illinois.

2010 is destined to be a watershed year in Illinois and for the Illinois Science & Technology Coalition. We will continue to raise awareness of the robust and world-class R&D capabilities that flourish within our state. We will identify new opportunities for our partners to compete for funding, particularly for R&D projects that require or would benefit from collaborative efforts.

Ultimately the Illinois Science & Technology Coalition will be measured by our ability to help cultivate economic development in Illinois by increasing resources for R&D initiatives at Illinois-based institutions and businesses. We look forward to partnering with you and your colleagues to support our shared interests.

If you have any ideas or suggestions for how we can support your needs, please let me know
([email protected]). Until then, please click on the stories below to learn about examples of our community’s groundbreaking research initiatives.

Happy New Year,

Matthew Summy, President & CEO
Illinois Science & Technology Coalition

Watch and Listen:

Dinosaur research

Attitudes toward the HPV vaccine


Smart GridLight detection and measurementTeraGrid, national system of interconnected supercomputers

Advanced Materials


Computing, Defense and Electronics

Miscellaneous Research

Power & Energy

More News:

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Grand Challenges Summit

The National Academy of Engineering (NAE) Grand Challenges are a grouping of critical problems that must be addressed and solved in order to maintain the United States’ national security, quality of life and sustainable future. They are a call to action and will engage the public to understand the importance of technology, policy and science to maintain and enhance our standard of living.

The Chicago 2010 Summit is designed to stimulate the engineering, science and policy advances needed to solve these four Grand Challenges:

  • Clean Water
  • Carbon, Energy and Climate
  • Urban Sustainability
  • Global Health

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Presented by Illinois Institute of Technology and Chicago Council on Science and Technology, in partnership with Northwestern University, University of Chicago, University of Illinois at Chicago and University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign