Engaging more students in Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics is a paramount challenge in Illinois, and across the country.  Recognizing that STEM is the foundation for innovation and future economic prosperity, institutions and industry are devoting significant energy, time and resources to stimulate interest in STEM, and improve outcomes. In this issue of ISTC Catalyst we feature some of the exceptional work occurring in Illinois.

Illinois is home to over 200 institutions of higher learning and ranks fourth nationally in conferring advanced degrees in science and engineering.  The state also ranks fourth nationally in doctorates issued in mathematics and chemistry.  With such a deep base, Illinois-based institutions are poised to not only lead in STEM innovations, but share their advances so that they may be replicated across the country.

At the national level, STEM Education has been named a top priority by President Obama and has received robust funding support.  STEM Education was included in the Department of Education’s Race to The Top Challenge (RTTT) which provided funding to states for educational reform.  While Illinois regrettably did not secure RTTT funds, several organizations are working together to maintain the momentum established through the collaborative efforts to respond to the Department of Education in both Rounds I and II.

This ongoing work offers great promise, and in future issues of ISTC Catalyst we expect to provide updates on progress.  To learn more about the initiatives taking place throughout the state to enhance STEM Education in Illinois we encourage you to read further in this edition of ISTC Catalyst.


Learn more about the STEM educational initiatives taking place throughout the state

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10th Annual Illinois State University High School Research Symposium
Friday, April 15, 2011.  Normal, IL.
Sponsored by the Center for Mathematics, Science and Technology (CeMaST) at Illinois State University.