ISTC/I in the News – 2016

Illinois manufacturing gets glimpse of good news
Posted November 21, 2016 | Source:

[Other] organizations like the Illinois Manufacturers’ Association, the Illinois Science & Technology Coalition, as well as Crain’s Chicago Business editorial board have called on lawmakers to reinstate and make permanent research and development (R&D) tax credits, which expired in 2015. Now, Illinois is one of the few states that does not offer such tax credits.

Maker and Manufacturing Center mHub Gets $500K From Department of Commerce
Posted November 15, 2016 | Source:

Recently-launched manufacturing, prototyping and maker hub mHub just got a big financial boost of support from the federal government. mHub will receive $500,000 from the Department of Commerce as part of $15 million in grants the Economic Development Administration (EDA) is dispersing across 35 organizations in 19 states to promote cluster-focused commercialization and proof-of-concept programs, as well as early stage seed funds.

Note: ISTC helped provide a support letter for this grant — read press release here.

Illinois revs its computer science engine
Posted November 2, 2016 Source:

Illinois is one of the biggest producers of tech talent, thanks to University of Illinois, Northwestern University, University of Chicago and Illinois Tech (IIT). Last year, Illinois universities produced nearly 2,500 computer science grads, second only to California, according to data from the Illinois Science and Technology Coalition.

Illinois Grows Share of STEM Graduates, But Retention Challenges Remain
Posted October 31, 2016 Source:

More students in Illinois are studying STEM (science, technology, engineering and mathematics) than in years previous, but retention of highly skilled STEM grads still remains a challenge, a new study from the Illinois Science and Technology Coalition found.

High school students, State Farm partner for STEM projects
Posted October 26, 2016 Source:

About 170 Twin City high school students who want to thrive in the technology field will spend the next five months working with State Farm employees to complete a STEM (science, technology, engineering and math) project. The Illinois Science and Technology Institute selected Normal Community, Normal Community West and Bloomington high schools among 38 Illinois high schools to team up with corporations to create an app or presentation relating to STEM.

Illinois Students Experience STEM Opportunities, Challenges Firsthand with Baxter Mentors
Posted August 29, 2016 Source:

Lindblom Math & Science Academy Senior JeNaye Beavers’ interest in medicine was initially sparked by curiosity. After constantly suffering from migraines early on in high school, she wanted to know not only why, but how she could fix it. JeNaye found an opportunity to put her ideas into action by extending her experience with scientific research beyond the classroom through the Research & Development STEM Learning Exchange STEM Challenge.

mHUB, a New Center for Manufacturing Innovation, to Open on Chicago’s West Side
Posted August 29, 2016 Source:

mHUB was developed over the past year and a half with World Business Chicago’s Advisory Council for Chicagoland Manufacturing, with community partners UI Labs, the Chicagoland Entrepreneurial Center (CEC), the Illinois Science and Technology Coalition and Catalyze Chicago.

Teens Rise to STEM Challenge
Posted July 6, 2016 Source:

While smart grid renewable energy and defense tech for police officers may not sound like typical high school projects, Illinois Science and Technology Institute’s R&D STEM Challenge aims to bring real-world projects into the education system.

Evanston high school students show off STEM research at Merchandise Mart
Posted May 27, 2016 Source:

Evanston Township High School junior Lesley Escobar said working with her fellow students and mentors from an Illinois pharmaceutical company on a months long project tackling the issue of medication adherence in patients with depression has boosted her confidence and deepened her commitment to pursuing a career in the health care field post high school.

How the Internet of Things can Prevent Bullying
Posted May 25, 2016 Source:

The Bully Busters competed with the other Lake View team and emerged as the top selection by judges comprised of Microsoft volunteers and school faculty. Along with the other statewide teams, their efforts culminate in the Third Annual STEM Challenges Student Showcase held May 19, 2016 at Motorola Mobility’s Chicago office in the Merchandise Mart.

At ISTC’s STEM Challenge, Teens Take on IoT, Renewable Energy, Defense Tech
Posted May 20, 2016 Source:

Could thermal imaging help reduce bullying at schools?
Could a voice activated dialysis machine increase adherence to at-home treatments?
Could a “smart vest” help police officers who have been shot receive medical attention faster?

Local STEM students show off their dazzling inventions
Posted May 19, 2016 Source:

Instead of hitting the books, more than 800 Illinois high schoolers are solving real-world STEM challenges. STEM standing for science, technology, engineering and math.

Solar Power in Illinois; STEM Mentorship Program
Posted May 18, 2016 Source:

A STEM mentorship program helps high school students from across the state get connected with mentors in academia and industry.

Previewing STEM Challenge on Bootstrapping in America
Posted May 18, 2016 Source:

Some of the most interesting stories around are from entrepreneurs willing to take an idea and turn it into a business. 

How America disrupts its immigrant entrepreneurs
Posted May 16, 2016 Source:

Illinois is a hotspot for foreign-born students. UIUC alone enrolls over 11,000 foreign-born students, a number that has caused some controversy, as critics say state schools’ acceptance of large numbers of foreign students takes away from educating Illinois students. These students are flooding STEM majors: Currently “immigrant students” (foreign-born students on F1 student visas) make up one out of every five non-healthcare STEM degrees in Illinois, the highest proportion in a decade and 40 percent higher than the national average, according to the Illinois Science and Technology Coalition.

Palatine High School’s ‘Ugly Pearl’ wins hovercraft competition
Posted May 7, 2016 Source:

A team of Palatine High School students designed and built the hovercraft, which took top honors at Northrop Grumman’s High School Innovation Challenge. Other high schools competing included New Trier and Oak Park-River Forest.

Mentors from companies foster STEM learning at local schools
Posted April 11, 2016 Source:

This semester, students at Wheeling High School have been collaborating with members of the TGG Group, or The Greater Good company, which was co-founded by economist Steven Levitt, one of the authors of “Freakonomics”.

The Opening Bell 03-28-15: ISTC’s Mark Harris on Corporate-Startup Challenge
Posted March 28, 2016 Source:

President & CEO of the Illinois Science & Technology Coalition Mark Harris explains the process of connecting large corporations to startups.

Big Shoulders: Allie Barwise, Managing Director of ISTI
Posted March 28, 2016 Source:

We all know that education is our future. And with STEM fields rapidly expanding, creating new jobs and opportunities, we have to ensure that our future is solid through STEM education. With the Illinois Science and Technology Institute, we’re working to bring our passion in STEM to local youth ready to engage in their own futures. Watch as Adam J. Hecktman explores the future of STEM with Allie Barwise, Managing Director of ISTI live on Advisor.TV.

Illinois has one of the nation’s fastest growing university start-up ecosystems, report finds
Posted March 28, 2016 Source:

A recent report from the Illinois Science and Technology Coalition (ISTC) highlights the growth of start-ups launched out of Illinois state universities.

Illinois boosts spinout retention
Posted March 15, 2016 Source:

An increasing number of university spinouts and startups founded in Illinois keep their offices in the state.

Chuck Sweeny: University of Illinois thrives despite state of state’s woes
Posted March 12, 2016 Source:

Over the past five academic years, students and faculty at Illinois universities have created 611 startups through university technology licensing, entrepreneurship programs and competitions, and other university-financed initiatives. Roughly 80 percent of these companies remain active (or were acquired), and 73 percent of active startups were based in Illinois at the time of the survey” done by the Illinois Science and Technology Coalition and released March 8. And 73 percent of the startups were based in Illinois.

Startup Ecosystem Booming in Illinois, Report Says
Posted March 11, 2016 Source:

Thanks to university innovation hubs like the University of Illinois Research Park, Illinois’ startup ecosystem is blossoming, with more companies being created – and staying – in Illinois.

The Opening Bell 03-10-16: ISTC’s Mark Harris on recent Index data
Posted March 10, 2016 Source:

On the March 10, 2016 episode of The Opening Bell ISTC President & CEO Mark Harris joins Steve Grzanich in a discussion on University startups.

Midwest is super-home to tech/science start-ups
Posted March 9, 2016 Source:

Start-up companies, like the ones out of the UI, are shaking up the tech and science worlds, but they’re also making a big impact in the state.

Tech Talent Grows Here: 73 Percent of Startups Born at Illinois Universities Stay In-State
Posted March 8, 2016 Source:

When the Chicago Tribune published a Sunday cover story arguing that the city’s “tech talent often grows away,” the paper relied on several anecdotes to paint a picture of a perceived brain drain, detailing a handful of Chicago entrepreneurs that left the city to build their businesses elsewhere. Today, the Illinois Science and Technology Coalition released years’ worth of data that suggests that these examples represent a minority of the state’s entrepreneurial ecosystem and that the majority of startups founded at Illinois universities in fact choose to stay and “grow” here.

Here’s what 611 Illinois startups have in common
Posted March 8, 2016 Source:

The world’s biggest technology companies—Facebook, Google, Yahoo—have one thing in common: They each trace trace their starts back to university campuses. Universities are the incubators of the kind of breakthrough innovations that create new industries and new businesses that make significant social and economic impact—the key to success in a knowledge-based, 21st century economy.

ChicagoInno Daily Beat
Posted March 8, 2016 Source:

Today, the Illinois Science and Technology Coalition (ISTC) published its quarterly Innovation Index, a data-driven deep dive into a particular subset of the ecosystem.

Illinois Innovation Index: More university startups staying in state
Posted March 8, 2016 Source:

More companies born at Illinois universities are remaining in the state, according to the Illinois Innovation Index. The report, based on self-reported data from the universities, found that during the past five years, Illinois universities have created 611 startups, 80 percent of which remain active.

Maine South Engineering Club accepts challenge to aid diabetics
Posted Feb 9, 2016 Source:

Through a partnership with Deerfield-based Takeda Pharmaceuticals, about 20 members of the Engineering Club are spending the next four months engaged in the STEM Research and Development challenge, devising ways to help patients with type 2 diabetes not only take their medication at the right time, but administer the right dosage and enhance their health.

The Future of Mentoring: Mentor Matching Engine

Posted Feb 1, 2016 Source:

As part of our ongoing series focusing on the Illinois Science and Technology Institute (ISTI) statewide STEM Challenge, this guest blog will focus on a technical solution to solving a big undertaking—getting volunteers to work with students on STEM and “soft” skills.

Evanston Township High School students attempt to address depression for state STEM competition

Posted January 28, 2016 Source:

A group of 10 students enrolled in the school’s Health Science Rotation class, led by Linnette Hill, coordinator for ETHS’ job shadowing program at Evanston Hospital, will represent the school in this year’s Illinois Science and Technology Institute’s STEM Challenge. The challenge establishes a partnership between Illinois high school students and employees from a company in the industry to allow students to take on scientific research.

Evanston students pair with Deerfield pharmaceutical company to tackle depression

Posted January 26, 2016 Source:

About a dozen Evanston Township High School students will spend the next five months identifying ways to encourage those who suffer from depression to take their medication as prescribed under the mentorship of representatives from a Deerfield-based pharmaceutical company.

The STEM Challenge is “Coming of age” at Lake View High School

Posted January 19, 2016 Source:

Last year, we wrote about the wonderful partnership Microsoft enjoys with the Illinois Science & Technology Institute (ISTI). Microsoft and Lake View High School participated in the Second Annual R&D STEM Learning Exchange Challenges Student Showcase on May 20, 2015. This was a terrific program and our first time working with the teachers and students at Lake View High School on this state-wide Challenge. Microsoft is again supporting the ISTI and Lake View High School in 2016 for the Third Annual R&D STEM Challenge.

OPRF students to use STEM skills to help others

Posted January 12, 2016 Source:

A medical company looking for help recently tapped an unlikely group: Oak Park and River Forest High School juniors. The problem? Patients aren’t taking their antidepressant medication, officials from Takeda Pharmaceuticals say.

OPRF science students search for real-life solutions

Posted January 12, 2016 Source:

Three top executives from the giant Tokyo-based pharmaceutical company Takeda Pharmaceuticals visited Oak Park and River Forest High School on Jan. 7, because they were looking for help.

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