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Paul Garris

Illinois State University


Paul Garris is a Distinguished University Professor of Neurobiology at Illinois State University. Prof. Garris has spent nearly 35 years investigating the role of dopamine in the brain. Prof Garris’ research offers key insight into Parkinson’s disease, a longtime research area of interest for Prof. Garris. Discoveries made through Prof. Garris’ research on dopamine also have critical implications in the field of drug abuse and prevention. The strength of Prof. Garris’ research has led to grant funding from the National Institutes of Health, National Science Foundation, Department of Defense, American Heart Association, and the Whitehall Foundation.

Developing from his wider research, Prof. Garris is a national leader in the development of microsensor technology for the brain. Prof. Garris worked with the Mayo Clinic to develop a wireless device that records neurochemistry in the brain during surgery. At present, Prof. Garris is currently working with Pedram Mohseni, an electrical engineer at Case Western Reserve University, to develop a microdevice to control dopamine levels in the brain. The device, which has been shown to be effective in rats, could have a profound impact on the treatment of addiction by limiting dopamine levels produced by the use of methamphetamine and other abused drugs.

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