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In 2012, ISTI recognized the need to connect corporate resources with classrooms across the state to build a skilled, diverse talent pipeline. ISTI worked to understand the landscape of STEM skills needed to make Illinois students transformational leaders. Communication, problem solving, and teamwork were the top three skills listed as most important to prospective employees. When ISTI reflected on how to nurture those skills within students, it was clear that dosage matters.

Building relationships between students and professionals meant building student capacity to communicate, problem solve, and work with partners both in and out of their traditional peer groups. After partnering with an ISTI educational program, 91% of students reported increased confidence in STEM Skills and 74% of students expressed that this experience was their first exposure to a professional in STEM. Help us increase access for all students to find an identity within STEM and reshape the future of Illinois innovation.

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The program gives students the opportunity to work in a more realistic manner of project design and development; including the trial and error and re-evaluation of the idea. These opportunities don’t exist in the traditional science classroom.

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