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Chiara Piccinotti

Director of Data Visualization, Uptake Technologies, Inc.


Chiara Piccinotti is the Director of Data Visualization at Uptake, a predictive analytics start-up that is disrupting decades-old industries with cutting-edge data science. In her role, Chiara leads a multi-disciplinary team focused on presenting Uptake’s analytics to users in a way that reveals insights, inspires confidence, and drives action. Prior to this role, she also held positions in product strategy and engagement management at Uptake.

Blending a diverse background in business, product and data science, Chiara career path has centered around developing products and solutions that unlock value out of data. She began her career as an investment banker for the technology sector at Lazard, and has since held various positions at the intersection of analytics and product. She was product manager and business analyst at CBS Interactive, led data strategy for virtual shopper research at InContext Solutions, and managed a large data sciences delivery team at Mu Sigma.

Chiara holds a B.A. in Philosophy and Mathematics, and a B.Sc. in business from the University of Pennsylvania. In 2012 she earned her M.B.A. from the University of Chicago Booth School of Business.

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