Our Impact

Our Impact


We help attract federal research dollars to Illinois and direct state funds, including:

  • $320 million in federal, state, private, & public funds to establish a UI LAB Digital Manufacturing and Design Innovation Institute (DMDII) for high-tech, digital manufacturing applied reserach. Learn more about Illinois manufacturing
  • $120 million Department of Energy Joint Center on Energy Storage Research (JCESR) Hub at Argonne to advance new breakthroughs in battery technology
  • $72.5 million as part of the 2011 Energy Infrastructure Modernization Act to invest in emerging energy technologies and empower consumers to better access the smart grid

Impact Partnerships

We incubate new ideas and implement innovative programs, including:


We generate visibility, celebrate successes, and provide educational tools and resources for the state’s research and technology community, including:


We advocate for sound policies at the state and federal level that have a positive impact on Illinois’ science and technology development, including:


We cultivate a deeper STEM talent pipeline in Illinois:

  • The Illinois Science and Technology Insitute (ISTI) is the ISTC’s 501(c)(3) affiliate focused on science, technology, engineering and mathematics (STEM) education and discovery
  • The ISTI runs the R&D STEM Learning Exchange, a public-private effort to spark interest in and prepare students for R&D careers, harnessing the participation of more than 50 cross-sector partners and operating as part of the Illinois Pathways initiative
  • Impacting more than 1,000 high school students and teachers in Illinois through three key initiatives, industry-driven STEM challenges, the Mentor Matching Engine, and the Resource Repository, which provide enhanced inquiry-based learning experiences that enable career exploration and promote degree production in R&D fields